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Are you paying too much for your Telecommunications?

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Telecoms - Sala ConsultingSala Consulting is a boutique telecommunications brokerage firm with offices in Perth and in Sydney.  Our mission is to reduce operating costs for businesses by brokering the best deals for landlines, data and mobiles from our portfolio of major carriers. In the current global economic downturn many businesses are looking to reduce their operating costs in order to increase profitability.  Sala Consulting will assist you in getting the best value for money for your Telco spend by:

  • Finding the best deal on landlines, mobiles, data and phone systems from our portfolio of carriers and phone system manufacturers.
  • Accessing non-advertised rates due to our close carrier relationships at senior management levels
  • Negotiating better rates on your behalf with our carriers


Mobile PhonesConfused by so many different mobile plans?
Let us do the comparisons for you. We have access to all the major carriers for mobile services and can access non – advertised deals and pricing.


Phone SystemsUnsure of what phone system you need for your office?
Sick of slick sales pitches by sales people with only one brand? Don’t be pressured into paying more than you need to. Speak to us today to obtain genuine comparisons between all the major brands.


Data ServicesHow do you know which technology is best for your business?
ADSL, SHDSL, mobile broadband, fibre, Ethernet over copper, VPNs – there are so many options when it comes to data solutions. How do you ensure you are not being over sold or paying too much? Let us de-mystify data and provide you with genuine market comparisons and great rates.


Land LinesWould you like to turn your landline bill into a lower fixed cost?
Talk to us about the unlimited landline plans offered by our portfolio of carriers.

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